Primal | A&G applies the philosophy, methods and modules of our proprietary High Performance Marketing™ approach to B2B specific aspirations and challenges. HPM™ is rooted in the mission of extracting business and brand clarity from executive leadership - clarity that enables razor sharp strategic focus and informed investments in brand and business growth.

HPM™ is a highly collaborative, workshop-based, outcome driven practice – one that enables meaningful insights and actions from each and every engagement.

We help design durable strategic and creative bridges over critical, and often time-sensitive, gaps that might inhibit achieving growth and value-creation goals.


High Performance Marketing

HPM™ focuses on four distinct areas of B2B business development to facilitate clarity and prioritize actions on each; while fostering alignment across all of them.


business aspiration

Foundational to the HPM™ approach is a series of engagements that determine measures of success, quantitative and qualitative aspirations for the business, personal goals for B2B executive leadership and customer/market context.


brand strategy

In today’s age-of-noise, B2B business and brand strategy must be succinct, engaging, clear, durable and true. We dig deeply to explore high potential storytelling that genuinely leverages leadership vision and amplifies the most valuable aspects of the B2B enterprise.


marketing operations

B2B business and brand building strategies only realizes results when it’s operating, visible and meaningful. Marketing department functionality, brand image management, internal and external communications, as well content architecture and delivery are critical areas we help B2B leaders tie together. 


sales acceleration

Sales will grow in meaningful ways only when B2B brand positioning is business-based, genuinely-inspiring, personally-engaging and highly-useful to the sales force. HPM™ seeks to help client leadership teams indelibly bond business and brand with marketing and sales.